• Premium Jabugo Iberian ham, Reserva Bodega

    22.50€ VAT incl.

    Anchovies from the Cantabrian sea (8 fillets)

    19.50€ VAT incl.

    Tomato rubbed grilled flatbread with extra virgin olive oil

    4.50€ VAT incl.


    Bluefin tuna tartare with chickpea hummus foam

    16.70€ VAT incl.


    Red shrimp carpaccio with extra virgin olive oil caviar and salt flower

    21.50€ VAT incl.


    Lobster salad with green pistachio, avocado and tomato brunoise

    26.75€ VAT incl.


    Shaved foie gras and orange texture salad

    18.50€ VAT incl.


    Marinated Iberian pork carpaccio

    14.85€ VAT incl.


    Bao bun filled with smoked eel and Iberian bacon confit lacquered with green curry emulsion

    16.25€ VAT incl.


    Cod brandade stuffed potato, prawn tartare and potato parmentier with chanterelles and sweet pesto

    16.50€ VAT incl.


    Black truffle flavoured velvety pumpkin soup with iberian pork cheek ravioli and crispy tuile

    16.70€ VAT incl.


    Roasted free range chicken cannelloni with chanterelle bechamel sauce

    17.85€ VAT incl.


    Assortment of croquettes (Iberian ham, shrimp, meat and sea bass)

    8.00€ VAT incl.


    Fish soup

    14.50€ VAT incl.


    Baked onion soup with poached egg

    12.50€ VAT incl.


Rice and pasta

  • Black ink rice with shrimp carpaccio, aioli mousse and pea emulsion

    21.75€ VAT incl.

    Artichoke and free range rabbit rice

    18.50€ VAT incl.

    Squid and shelled lobster rice (soupy or dry)

    29.25€ VAT incl.

    Iberian pork skirt steak and seasonal mixed mushroom rice

    18.85€ VAT incl.

    Spaghetti with green asparagus, Maresme artichokes and shrimp, rosemary flavoured

    17.50€ VAT incl.

    Tagliatelle with monkfish and tomato brunoise

    18.50€ VAT incl.


  • Twice-cooked poularde with nuts and pomegranate

    18.95€ VAT incl.

    Iberian pork tenderloin Wellington with Café de Paris sauce and sweet potato purée

    21.75€ VAT incl.

    Boned Iberian pork cheek, porcini and black truffle with armagnac, creamy apple, dried peaches and cinnamon

    18.85€ VAT incl.

    Venison tenderloin steak with Jamaican pepper and tomato chutney and wild rice

    23.75€ VAT incl.

    Chateaubriand Girona beef tenderloin steak with Béarnaise sauce

    25.85€ VAT incl.

    Beef tenderloin steak with diced foie gras and Pedro Ximénez reduction

    27.50€ VAT incl.

    Grilled Girona beef tenderloin steak with poor man’s potatoes or vegetables

    23.50€ VAT incl.

    Veal fillet to taste (Green pepper, mustard, Oporto, Roquefort)

    25.75€ VAT incl.

    Veal fillet steak tartar (to be consulted)

    29.85€ VAT incl.



  • Red tuna tataki wrapped in Nori algae with tempura, soft wasabi foam, soya reduction and mango and avocado salad

    20.85€ VAT incl.

    Stewed lobster, shelled, with crispy rice and almond emulsion

    26.25€ VAT incl.

    Tuna loin with beet purée, hazelnut powder, mango and piparra pepper jam

    18.95€ VAT incl.

    Wild corvina fillet, mixed mushrooms with figueres onion and broccoli pil-pil sauce

    21.95€ VAT incl.

    Gilthead baked in salt or just baked

    19.80€ VAT incl.

    Grilled sole with al dente vegetable symphony

    23.50€ VAT incl.

    Grand Marnier sole and sautéed rice with raisins and pine nuts

    25.50€ VAT incl.


  • Strawberry gazpacho with basil scented with natural cheese sorbet with lemon and picatostes Sable Breton 

    6.95€ VAT incl.

    Dark chocolate fondant with Pedro Ximénez ice cream quenelle

    7.25€ VAT incl.

    Texas orange one filled with raspberry mousse Chantilly interspersed biscuit Ice Cream quenelle 

    7.50€ VAT incl.

    Lemon cream with natural strawberry slices and fresh mint chopped cinnamon

    7.35€ VAT incl.

    Tiramisu with Amaretto Disaronno and mascarpone (glass) 

    6.85€ VAT incl.

    Delight mango (mango jam, lemon cream and coconut ice cream)

    7.35€ VAT incl.

    House Pudding 

    6.85€ VAT incl.

    Truffles Bocca

    7.54€ VAT incl.

    Orange juice 

    4.50€ VAT incl.

    Irish coffee (three colors) 

    7.85€ VAT incl.